Swingtime! (20) Oh ma m’ami! ….Emile Prud’homme (1942)

Please activate the HD function(720p) before watching the video or watch it with a larger type player (in 480p) by clicking on the title in order to avoid serious sound distortion (as YT has reduced sound quality and does not activate HD or HQ playback automatically).

The following video offers a nice example of so called “musette swing”. Emile Prud’homme was a famous accordeon player who recorded many sides for the Odeon label. Usually these were musette style recordings but he also made some jazzy musette records.

The record featured in this video was released in 1942. “Oh ma m’ami” was composed by Paul Durand – who composed “Seul ce soir” – a legendary French wartime song…

The video features images of Paris during the Occupation – some of these images were propaganda images meant to show life was going on as usual in Paris.

About the record:

Odeon 281.551 / mx. 9414-1


This record was trasferred using the GRADO 78C cartridge and stylus. It was re-equalized to undo the RIAA equalization and get an acceptable 78rpm equalization

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